Thursday, June 4, 2009

The British Are Coming

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  1. Dear Keith,

    I've been trying to find another way to contact you, but this is the best I can do. Sorry for invading your blog.

    My husband, Robert, is forty in November and I am trying to make a “This is Your Life” book for him. So, along with family and friends I am trying to gather a few “best wishes” kind of messages from other people. He was blown away by your book recently, so thought you’d be a great person to include in a section of it. He will love it. I was hoping you could email me a short, “Happy 40th Birthday” message (seriously, it can just simply say exactly that if it’s making you cringe) that I will include in the book.

    I know it’s an odd request and an absolute long-shot, but he’s such a brilliant man – I want to do something he’ll love, because beyond buying books, comics (sorry, “graphic novels”), or movies, it’s so hard to find him things he genuinely likes.

    Please don't post this comment! For one, I feel like a right idiot even doing this; secondly, Robert reads your blog.

    My contact email is:
    Thanks so much,
    Rachel Wall